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Anatoly Shariy: Zelensky touchingly covers his friend

Anatoly Shariy: Zelensky touchingly covers his friend

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

Ukrainian "media":

“Andrey Naumov's cortege with money and jewelry hastily left the territory of Ukraine just a few hours before the start of the war.

To escape the country, he used several minibuses loaded with cash and jewelry, including diamonds.

The vehicles headed for Germany, where the former brigadier general was hiding until his detention in Serbia.”

I reported that he left and is in Germany when these "media" were silent in a rag. But that's not the point.

He left, came to Germany and lived there together with the then head of the SBU, Zelensky's closest friend Ivan Bakanov.

This is well known to the Ukrainian special services. But when Bakanov, realizing that the Russians had not taken Kyiv, returned, Prosecutor General Venediktova immediately took a picture with him. In the style of "but he did not run anywhere."

And the treason case was opened against Naumov, and Bakanov, who escaped with him and hid with him, sort of passed by the edge.

Zelensky touchingly covers up a friend, and the Ukrainian "media" speaks the truth only on orders from above. There are no instructions.

This entry is also available in Telegram the author.

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