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Anatoly Shariy: Why are Lithuanians leaving Lithuania en masse?

Anatoly Shariy: Why are Lithuanians leaving Lithuania en masse?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

For many years I was silent about Lithuania and its power. They were engaged in rinsing me in their soviet “media”, in which you will find everything about Putin, about the Kremlin, about Ukraine, but little about the real life of Lithuanians in Lithuania. They tried five times to take away [the mench's] [refugee] status, in the end they could not do it cleanly, I won the court against their “departments” - migration and state security, which is simply a miracle there. I quietly left, immediately realizing what and with whom I was dealing and what kind of Europe it was. But I was silent, believing that the local degenerates would be tolerated against me. Doesn't allow, phantom pains.

Ok, I'm breaking my own taboo. And since the wooden ones, who believed that they were such powerful and omnipotent geniuses from Vilnius, decided to deal with some kind of space, trying to fasten me, who had nothing to do with them for a hundred years, to their kingdom of joy and prosperity, they will get exhausted.

I will tell you about the realities that any Lithuanian who left there will tell you about. And, I think, there are more of them outside this highly developed state than within its borders.

It's just that the Lithuanians who left do not have such an opportunity to convey what is really happening there and what kind of "Europe" it is to so many people.

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