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Anatoly Shariy: The need for an offensive is understandable for me

Anatoly Shariy: The need for an offensive is understandable for me

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

On September 8, the fifth meeting in the Ramstein format will take place, at which Western countries will discuss new arms supplies to Kyiv.

Incl. agreements could be reached on the transfer of fighters, tanks and long-range ATACMS missiles. But while the event is being prepared, Ukraine's allies have often complained about the shortage of supplies that can be sent to Kyiv. In any case, this is what Germany does, in which the warehouses of the Bundeswehr were depleted during the war.

A demonstration of the achievements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is simply necessary, as a kind of pitching, so that partners do not weaken support.

Very timely on the eve of Ramstein-5, an article was published by Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny and Lieutenant General Mikhail Zabrodsky (“European Solidarity”).

Zaluzhny expects that the war will not end in 2022, nor will it end with the return of Crimea. To win, the Ukrainian Armed Forces need missiles capable of hitting deep into Russian territory (an obvious hint at ATACMS).

At the same time, Zaluzhny claims that the recent explosions in Crimea are the result of Ukrainian missile strikes. We remember the "cigarette butt" and other nonsense.

Whether the current events will affect the favor of the partners - we will find out soon. I think - yes, they have achieved their goal.

The Russian side, in any case - even with a heavy defeat - will find how to explain informationally. The media yesterday circulated a commentary by political expert Colonel Alekhin, who claims that there is no tragedy in the loss of Balakliya.

Leaving the Kharkiv region can always be presented as a “goodwill gesture”, explaining that “the liberation of Donbass has always been a paramount goal”, on which the troops will now concentrate. Like, no one was going to take or keep the Kharkiv region, but if they were going to sit down, they would have taken it.

However, one can only guess what proteges loyal to the Russian Federation in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will think in this case. But we are unlikely to know their opinion, as well as the opinion of ordinary citizens who decided a few months ago that "the government has changed for a long time."

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