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Anatoly Shariy: Is it impossible to criticize the authorities during the war?

Anatoly Shariy: Is it impossible to criticize the authorities during the war?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

For people with weak memory. For those who write to me "You can not criticize the leadership of the country during the war
I repeat.

On the very first day on a many-hour stream, I said “that's it, this is not the time to criticize, we need to think about what to do, how to help people.”

It has been seen and heard by millions of people. Millions of people have seen and heard how we have helped hundreds of real people avoid real deaths.

On the second day of the war, Zelensky and Co. did not bother with what to do for the residents of Mariupol, how to bring water and food to Irpen or medicines to Bucha, what to do with insulin dependence and where people can look for their missing loved ones.

At first, they tried to spread through the staff of the President's Office the wildest abomination that we are aiming missiles, then, realizing that it would not work too much, they shamefacedly erased this important information without even apologizing.

They took care of my social networks, sending letters to YouTube and Facebook from the Cabinet of Ministers (!) indicating that there is propaganda of terrorism and fundraising for the war.

Then, by a royal decree, they decided to ban the activities of my party, which has never in the entire history of its existence committed a single attempt, even any kind of crime against Ukraine or its people.

In parallel, arrests and interrogations, torture of my comrades and supporters were carried out.

After that, in the first week of the war, they sent a request to the crypto-exchange to block my assets, allegedly I am a terrorist.

This is what they were doing.

In the second week of the war, they already defeated everyone and began to extradite me, sending letters, petitions, while holding personal meetings at the level of foreign ministers and prime ministers.

In May, when all of Ukraine had already been liberated, when the Russians left the Donbass, and the Crimea was returned with honors, when soldiers stopped dying at the front, they began to extradite a particularly dangerous criminal, whose crimes, in addition to “he criticized the authorities and said that in Ukraine has Nazis,” no one has been able to formulate.

The level of commenting on the situation with the capture of a dangerous person who has never held any positions, had nothing to do with the budget, etc. - The Prosecutor General and the representative of the President in the Supreme Court, deputies and ministers.

Sorry for the long text. I will try to briefly formulate my unequivocal answer to all those who write to me today: "it is impossible to criticize the authorities during the war."

Fill up the bakers.

Thank you.

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