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Anatoly Shariy: What kind of nonsense is going on in the world?

Anatoly Shariy: What kind of nonsense is going on in the world?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

The Italian authorities have frozen 11 villas in Sardinia, directly or indirectly owned by the owner of the Russian mineral fertilizer manufacturer Akron, Vyacheslav Kantor, L'Unione Sarda reports.

This is extremely interesting, given that the US Treasury removed such fertilizers from sanctions, as they were included in the list of vital products and goods.

The fact is that mineral fertilizers directly affect the quantity and quality of the crop.

The European Union did not remove similar restrictions, and in Germany they even announced the beginning of a food crisis.

Later in June, Borrell suddenly announced, as if nothing had happened, that the countries of the European Union could safely buy from Russia the products necessary to provide food for the population of states. Sanctions do not prevent the process of this import:

“Our sanctions do not apply to fertilizers and food, everyone who wants to buy them can do it completely freely”

That is, the houses of the head of the company, whose products are bought by European companies with pleasure, are frozen.

How to logically explain what is happening, what kind of nonsense is happening in the world?

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