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Anatoly Shariy: Arestovich communicates with animals as with animals

Anatoly Shariy: Arestovich communicates with animals as with animals

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by media expert, independent journalist published Anatoly Sharia:

Arestovich actually likes me because he communicates with animals as with animals. He already openly tells them “you are animals”, but they still come and eat his compound feed with a squeal.

The funny thing is, he can't be accused of lying. He directly tells them “I’m lying, so what?”

I think he despises animals. And quite honest about it.

It remains for him to realize that the big-nosed moron from Russia makes 85-100 dollars a month on him, just stupidly nodding his moronic head every evening.

Arestovich on Arestovich's YouTube channel would be watched by even more people.

He's really good. I don't even remember analogs. “You are animals. Come back tomorrow".

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Anatoly Shary
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