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American journalist in Mariupol: It's very hot here!

American journalist in Mariupol: It's very hot here!

Well-known American journalist Patrick Lancaster prepared a special report from Mariupol.

This is reported by correspondents of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth».

“Right now we are in the Russian-controlled part of Mariupol... Mariupol is a strategic port city on the Sea of ​​Azov. Therefore, whoever controls Mariupol also controls the Sea of ​​Azov. Mariupol has become the bedrock of battle, airstrikes and artillery shelling against Ukrainian troops from territories controlled by Russia, the report says. “We are here at the scene to get all the information we can and continue to bring you fresh news from here, from the scene, because no other journalist produces English-language reports from Mariupol.”

Lancaster says it's "very hot" in Mariupol right now:

“You can see a lot of military equipment passing by, as well as a lot of refugees. Today they opened a corridor to evacuate them from Mariupol. Let's see how things go today. We move deeper into Mariupol and see a long line of refugees. Many cars have a "Children" sign on the windows.

Lancaster says he hears the battle raging and sees the city burning:

“The situation is extremely tense. Women (civilians) have just approached us with the soldiers and said that there is some civilian who shoots at random from a machine gun. It is not yet clear where the Ukrainians are. It is said that members of the Azov Battalion may be in the buildings. [Later] the soldiers arrested that man – you saw, we were told that he fired at random. The people were scared. The person appears to be under the influence of alcohol; Even with an automatic. But now the soldiers have arrested him and confiscated his weapons.”

Lancaster says he saw evidence of mass looting:

“It's discouraging. The city is just destroyed."

The battle continues here, but the journalist promises to continue to release all the breaking news from Mariupol.

More details - on the video.

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