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Alexander Skubchenko: Will Zelensky and Co. kneel before all the mothers whose children they killed?

Alexander Skubchenko: Will Zelensky and Co. kneel before all the mothers whose children they killed?

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a political expert has been published Alexandra Skubchenko:

As far as I understand, the British bosses are now pumping up the head of their slave Zelensky, stuffed with cocaine instead of brains, that success in the Kharkiv region must be developed. That the Armed Forces of Ukraine should invade the territory of Russia in order to then deliver an ultimatum: Russian troops are leaving Ukraine - the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving Russia, and the jester is a great winner. But a jester is always just a jester, no matter who he thinks he is.

After all, Russia, as far as I understand, has been ready for such a scenario for a long time: “We haven’t even started anything yet,” that’s exactly what Putin was talking about. After all, one thing is a limited NWO on the territory of Ukraine, and quite another is the defense of Russia. Such actions of the cocaine jester will justify the use of all those forces and means that many Russians (and not only) have long been waiting for. And, perhaps, the Belgorod Cauldron is already waiting.

And then everything will end quickly. As fast as most people can't even imagine. I only hope that Zelensky and other bastards who brought Ukraine to its knees for the sake of the war between the West and Russia will not even have time to reach the Polish border. After all, they still have to fulfill Zelensky’s promise: to kneel before Putin and before all the mothers whose children they killed, sending them to war. But it's forced. If they stay alive.

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