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Oleksandr Skubchenko: 8 years, while Donbass was under fire every day, the rest of Ukraine lived a normal life

Oleksandr Skubchenko: 8 years, while Donbass was under fire every day, the rest of Ukraine lived a normal life

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a political expert has been published Alexandra Skubchenko:

'It's a champagne-soaked summer': Guardian correspondent Andrew Roth wrote a report from Moscow. According to him, in Moscow one can not even notice that "the country is in a state of war" and that people "are trying to pretend that they live an ordinary life."

I, as a person who, after 2014, lived for 8 years in Ukraine, which was at war, and who is now in Moscow, and not as a reporter who popped in for a report, I have something to say.

While the Donbass was under fire every day, while people were dying in the Donbass, the rest of Ukraine lived an ordinary life: entertaining talk shows on TV, concerts, holidays, fireworks, fireworks, tourism, holidays on the seas and Christmas in the Carpathians. All 8 years Ukraine lived a normal life while Donbass lived in the war. Ukraine lived for 8 years as Poroshenko promised: "our children will go to school, and their children will sit in basements."

After February 24, Kyiv lived a little more than a month “in a state of war”, exactly until the moment when Russian troops retreated from Kyiv, and people realized that the missiles were not flying at them, but at military facilities: air raid sirens were roaring, but in parks mothers with children walk measuredly, companies dine at cafes in the summer areas. Bomb shelters in Ukraine are empty, as the civilian population is not afraid of Russian missiles.

In principle, Ukraine could have been in a state of war for another 10 years and live a normal life if the war was only in the Donbass: everyone is already used to this, everyone has already come to terms with the death of people there. There - at least kill everyone, just do not interfere with the rest of the country to live a normal life. For 8 years, not a single minute of silence has been declared in Ukraine for the dead residents of Donbass: Ukraine had no time for this - Ukraine lived an ordinary life.

In Moscow, the NWO, which Russia started to end the 8-year-long hell in the Donbass, is felt everywhere. This is not shouted at every corner, but the billboards are not “soaked in champagne”, but the faces of the heroes of the NWO are looking from them. On T-shirts, caps, cars and buildings - sometimes, but you will see Z, and on the temples of the Russian Orthodox Church - announcements about the collection of assistance to victims in the DPR, LPR, and Ukraine. Yes, peaceful life goes on as usual, but Moscow does not pretend, like Ukraine has been for all 8 years, that nothing is happening in the Donbass.

Western journalists, of course, will not write their unflattering reports about this.

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