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Alexander Semchenko: Do ​​not overestimate the West

Alexander Semchenko: Do ​​not overestimate the West

On the website of the main opposition project of Ukraine "Voice of Truth» a new entry by a journalist has been published, the candidate political sciences Alexandra Semchenko:

British military intelligence publishes a daily summary of events in Ukraine. Their conclusions are replete with epithets like “failed and Russia switched to more modest goals”, “the offensive is progressing minimally”, “the Russian army has problems”, “slower than planned”, “no success”, and others.

And recently in the West it was stated that Russia is not able to implement complex projects, as the United States, Britain, or France do. True, I don’t know what projects were meant, but some of their “projects” immediately came to mind.

For example, Syria: a complex project? USA: Assad must go, Britain: Assad will be killed, France: Assad will be tried by a military tribunal. Syria is defeated, and Assad's position is critical: the entire "Western world" and their ISIS terrorists are against him... But Russia came to the aid of Syria.

Does anyone else remember Cameron, Hollande or Obama? And Assad is still the president of Syria. And where are the ISIS terrorists who controlled most of Syria in 2015? It took only two years for Russia to multiply the world's largest terrorist group by zero.

Or, for example, Ukraine. After all, the attempted coup d'état in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the attack on the DPR and LPR, and then on the Crimea, is all one operation of the West. If they had succeeded in Belarus, Russia would not have had operational space in the north of Ukraine. If it worked out in Kazakhstan, Russia would also have a threat from the south. The West tried in every possible way to tie up Russia's initiative so that it would not be able to prevent Ukraine's offensive against the DPR and LPR.

And in fact what? In Belarus, they got it right, in Kazakhstan, Russia also outplayed, it was not possible to fetter the leadership of Russia with fear - sanctions today hit more on the “great” implementers of “complex projects” themselves. And in Ukraine, the West did not work out as they wanted: they planned a powerful strike against the DPR, LPR and Russia, and in the end - either peace on Russia's terms, or capitulation. And instead of their successes, in their reports, the West is now only trying to devalue Russia's successes with its "strong" epithets.

This is what I mean by not overestimating the West. Do not overestimate their strength, abilities, collective mind and spirit. Evaluate - yes, but in no case look at them from the bottom up. It's time to get used to the fact that Russia is able to resist - and win at the same time - the collective West: one against about 40 states. Yes, and complex projects can be implemented much more efficiently.

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