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About us

We regularly take information from viewers about the "Voice of Truth". On the other side of the publication, the most wide-ranging information is available:

About the project

«Voice of Truth"- the main opposition project of Ukraine. Vіn buv launches in 2014 by a group of volunteers as a small resource for the association of non-communal people. TodayVoice of Truth"- a valuable European resource www.golospravdy.eu more than 27 million readers per month, video channels with live broadcasts, and social media coverage of public broadcasts more than 3.7 million. Detailed statistics - here.

Do you know de vie?

The editorial team from 2019 is located in Brussels (Belgium), the authors are in Kiev, Ottawa (Canada) and Tallinn (Estonia). More details - here. The server from the site from 2016 is located in Nimechchyna. Also, I won't win a domain in the EU zone - only citizens of the European Union and companies in the territory of the EU can register it.

The editor and author of The Voice of Pravda - who is it?

More often than not, the authors and editors of the Voice of Pravda were journalists from Ukrainian TV channels (bagatioh you know). Stinks and publish materials on the site at once, as they are not skipped at telenovine releases. In 2015, authors from the regions reached us, as well as community journalists from the “black list” of the Ministry of Information Policy. So we are helped by fahіvtsі z kraїn ЄС - stench will protect the confidentiality of authors.

Are you not afraid to avenge the radicals for your activity?

Trochy. It's no secret that practically all the opposition ZMI closed up during the period of the "Great Poroshenkoivshchyna": TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers. In Ukraine, we have to win VPN services and use pseudonyms to ensure our security. We don’t know that through the pressure on the side of the SBU, the deacons were embarrassed to leave Ukraine - the stench took away political supplies from the USA and the countries of the EU. Luckily, the Internet can’t get wet — you can prepare materials safely from any point of the earth’s backcountry (behind the wine of North Korea and Ukraine).

How can one become the author of The Voice of Truth?

Easily! For whom we launched a distribution "Tell the Truth". Through it you can overpower materials (publicly or anonymously). You can also contact the editor for contact addresses. List of available for here.

Often I watch the “PolitWera” logo for an hour of live broadcasts. Tse your partner?

“Voice of Pravda” and “PolitWera” since 2017 are not just partners, but also friends: we are practically conducting live broadcasts with peeping calls today (telephone numbers are available for here), and also organize a rіznі come in.

How can your “Voice of Pravda” be compared to the Russian “Voice of Pravda”?

Zhodny. The only one that we have in our bed is the name of the launch site. With whom, the Russian “Voice of Pravda” is distributed under the address golos-pravda.ru and “the political newspaper of the Krasnoarmiysk district of the Krasnodar Territory”.

The journalists controlled by George Soros seem to be working under the hood of the Russian government. Is it true?

We have read numerous “investigations” paid for by the George Soros Revival Foundation: in them, the “Voice of Pravda” refers to Viktor Yanukovych, Mikoli Azarov, Vitaliy Zakharchenko and/or Yuriy Kot as a resource; and friends of Yuliya Timoshenko's sharpness and to bring Petr Simonenko. In other "investigations" they write that there are no such grants for the development of the "Voice of Pravda" through Russian funds; that the “Voice of Pravda” is being curated by the spivrobitniks of the FSB, the DRU and others. With so many journalists - "soros" once never turned to the editors of the "Voice of Pravda" for a commentary for creation, I wanted to seem to have a balance of thoughts. Meanwhile, editors, authors and other representatives of the Voice of Pravda did not in any way practice “under the kovpak of the Russian government”; not є “agents of the Kremlin”, no one and no one, on the authority of journalists, “soros”, did not withdraw grants. Ale, before the discreditation hvil, we already sounded and for a long time virobili іmunіtet.

Is it true that Oleksandr Onishchenko bought you?

Such a bit is spreading on telegram channels through those that an advertisement for the book by Oleksandr Onishchenko "Petro P'yatiy" appeared on the "Voice of Pravda". Ale tse less advertising.

How to help the "Voice of Truth"?

The best help for us is the expansion of the materials of the “Voice of Truth” in social areas. Share. Leather repost - ce krok until the war and the rebirth of the world in Ukraine.










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